Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fresh BOLT How-To for Spring!

We promised you a new version of our BOLT How-To pages and they are now available!

You can access the new IMDC Infobase at Or, if you're in BOLT, click Help and then click BOLT How-To.

You can search for topics, look at related articles, download our step by step tutorials, and watch our YouTube videos directly on the topic pages.

We made a video to show you how it works:

Get Help in BOLT!

Back for a new semester? Starting out at Bloomsburg?

In either case, you may need this information about how you can get help with BOLT!

BOLT TIP: No confirmation needed when starting or submitting quizzes!

Easier Quiz Start and Quiz Submit in BOLT

lightning bolt icon with the text BOLT TIP:

You no longer need to confirm starting or submitting your quizzes in BOLT!

Clicking Start Quiz begins your quiz.
Clicking Submit Quiz submits your quiz.

This is a change as you used to have to confirm starting or submitting your quiz on a secondary screen.