Monday, July 20, 2015

Overdue assignments list added to the Course Schedule view

The Upcoming Events tab in Content has been renamed to Course Schedule. A new Overdue tab now appears in the Course Schedule view.

The Overdue tab only appears in the Course Schedule area when course activities are past the due date

Students can view a list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab in the Course Schedule view of the Content tool. Course activities that have a due date appear automatically in the Overdue list as soon as the due date passes. Only activities with an end date later than the due date (or no end date) appear in the list, to ensure that learners have time to complete the overdue activities. 

Learners can access an overdue activity directly from the list to complete it. Once the activity has been completed, it disappears from the list, and when all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.

The Overdue tab conveniently lists all overdue course tasks in one place so learners can more easily manage their time and workload. Overdue activities are sorted by most to least overdue.

Upcoming Events view renamed to Course Schedule view

The Upcoming Events view in Content has been renamed to Course Schedule.

You can click on the Course Schedule menu item to show any important dates in the course.