Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Changes Coming to BOLT May 19

There will be two significant changes to BOLT on May 19, 2017. A new navigation scheme will be in place, and online rooms will be phased out.

New Navigation

To prepare for the Daylight Experience, there will be changes to the navigation bars in BOLT. New menus will be on the My Home page and course home page.

screenshot of University Resources and Help menus on My Home page coming May 19
BOLT My Home Navigation Update May 19

screenshot of new navigation in course with links Content, Assessments, Communication, and Resources
BOLT Course Home Navigation Update May 19

Online Rooms Phased Out

The Online Rooms tool is being phased out. Your instructor will be using new tools to have online classes in BOLT after May 19, 2017. We have several tools available: Collaborate: Ultra, Virtual Classroom, and Zoom.

You can find more information about online communication tools at our Student Support pages.

Check out https://www.bloomu.edu/imdc-bolt-student

Changes Accessing LockDown Browser on June 1st

LockDown Browser is changing the way students access quizzes on June 1st.

Beginning on June 1st, youmust use the Launch feature in BOLT to access quizzes using Respondus LockDown Browser.

If you try to launch RLDB from your desktop first, you will see a message that you must navigate to the quiz using another browser to access the quiz.

In BOLT, there will be a button the Launch the quiz in the browser.