Thursday, October 20, 2016

BOLT FAQ for Students During the Strike

Do I still have access to BOLT and my courses during the strike?
Yes. Students will continue to have access to BOLT and to courses available in BOLT during the strike.

I was able to access a course in BOLT but now I don’t see it. What do I do?
If you had access to a 2016Fall course in BOLT but no longer see the course in your MyCourses widget in BOLT, please contact BOLT Support.

My course used to have content but now it is missing. What do I do?
If you had access to content in a 2016Fall course in BOLT but no longer see the content in your course in BOLT, please contact BOLT Support.

How can I view my assignments feedback if it is now missing from BOLT?
If you had feedback from an instructor in a 2016Fall course in BOLT but no longer see that feedback in your course in BOLT, please contact BOLT Support.

If I submit an assignment to BOLT, how will my instructor know when I submitted it or if it was submitted by the due date?
If you are submitting the assignment in BOLT to an Assignment submission folder in your course, it will be stamped with the date and time of submission. Your instructor will be able to see this when they access the course. 

Students have also been asked to submit hard copies of assignments to their Dean.

Students also receive a submission receipt in their Huskies email which has the date/time the assignment was submitted to BOLT. You should keep this email as proof of submission.

Any other questions?

Contact BOLT Support: 
Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
(570)389-2888 or 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

BOLT will be unavailable Sunday, October 9 between 1am and 7am EST

Every month, BOLT undergoes a maintenance window. This month’s maintenance window is on Sunday, October 9, 2016 from 1:00am to 7:00am ET. BOLT will be unavailable during this time. Please plan accordingly. 

Maintenance Window FAQ
Q: Where are the maintenance dates announced?
A: Maintenance dates are announced here on our BOLT Students blog, our BOLT Blog for faculty, and in the News items on your My Home page in BOLT.

Q: What will happen if I try to log in during a maintenance period?
A: A page will load that says Desire2Learn is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.

Q: Why am I still seeing a page that tells me D2L is unavailable after the maintenance window?
A: If you tried to login to BOLT during the maintenance window, your browser may be loading the scheduled maintenance page from its cache memory. If you encounter this page outside of the maintenance window, please clear your browser cache before trying to login to BOLT again.
Q: This is a bad time for BOLT to be unavailable. Can maintenance be rescheduled?
A: We understand frustration when BOLT downtime occurs during busy times of the academic year. Unfortunately, we cannot reschedule the maintenance windows. The IMDC has no control over the regularly scheduled maintenance windows. They are scheduled by our vendor and are necessary to keep BOLT working optimally.