Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Verify Assignment Submissions

The only external way to verify you have submitted an assignment in BOLT is to save the assignment submission confirmation email in your Huskies email inbox.

Every time you submit an assignment, you should receive a confirmation email in your Huskies email. The email will come from Please see below for an example image of this submission receipt.

screenshot of submission receipt for assignment submission folder

If you submit an assignment but don't see this email, check your Clutter folder!

Did you know... you can view rubric feedback in Class Progress?

If your instructor grades in Discussions using a rubric, you will see any rubric feedback in Class Progress by expanding the topic and clicking on the name of the rubric.

In Class Progress,

1. Click Discussions
2. Click the topics text link to expand and show the topics in the forum
3. Click the Details text link to expand the details and display any rubrics available
4. Click on the name of the rubric to see the feedback your instructor has provided

Please note that not all instructors use rubrics in BOLT!

Having Quizzes Trouble?

Troubleshoot common problems in quizzes by following the advice in these tips:

1. Give yourself enough time.
Make sure you give yourself enough time to take your quiz. Don’t start an hour long quiz a half hour prior to the closing time on the quiz. Start early enough to give yourself time.

2. Close apps and browsers.
Focus on your quiz and reduce possible issues by closing other applications and browsers or browser tabs. 

3. Use a strong connection.
If you can, use a wired connection. If not, try to be close to your router, or close bandwidth-heavy applications (streaming apps or games).

4. Exit and re-enter the quiz.
If you encounter an issue, exit your quiz and immediately re-enter using another browser. Sometimes this simple trick will resolve your problem.

5. Contact BOLT Support NOW.
Contact us right away so we can give you the timeliest troubleshooting possible. Call us at (570)389-2888.

Video Note is Here

Use Video Note to interact with your class in BOLT. Add video notes to discussions, assignments, ePortfolios, and more.

To add video notes to items in BOLT, look for the Insert Stuff or Record Video buttons.

screenshot of Insert Stuff button in HTML editor in BOLT screenshot of Record Audio and Record Video buttons in BOLT
You can create video notes for a variety of purposes. You can...
  • Add video content to your assignment submissions
  • Create video discussion threads or responses
  • Add video content to your ePortfolio
For more information on how to use Video Note, please follow the jump cut.