Thursday, August 10, 2017

Daylight Dawns August 17th

We are flipping the switch to Daylight on August 17th. 

D2L moose thinks Daylight is so bright he needs shades and wrote a chalkboard message asking if Bloomsburg students are ready for Daylight

The Daylight Experience is coming to BOLT to bring a new, modern, responsive design to BOLT. BOLT will display better on mobile devices and will have other user experience improvements, including a new My Courses widget.

the Daylight experience shown on laptop, tablet, and cellular phone
Daylight is coming to BOLT on August 17

If you want more information on Daylight, check out our student videos on our YouTube channel. We have a special Daylight playlist just for students to show you how to use the new user interface:

We will also be updating our Student Support information at Help documentation will be updated to match the new look and feel in BOLT.

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