Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Video Note is Here

Use Video Note to interact with your class in BOLT. Add video notes to discussions, assignments, ePortfolios, and more.

To add video notes to items in BOLT, look for the Insert Stuff or Record Video buttons.

screenshot of Insert Stuff button in HTML editor in BOLT screenshot of Record Audio and Record Video buttons in BOLT
You can create video notes for a variety of purposes. You can...
  • Add video content to your assignment submissions
  • Create video discussion threads or responses
  • Add video content to your ePortfolio
For more information on how to use Video Note, please follow the jump cut.
To use Video Note using the Insert Stuff button in the HTML editor,
1. Click the Insert Stuff button.
2. Select Video Note.
3. In most up-to-date browsers, just click "New Recording" to begin recording your Video Note. (Up-to-date browsers do not rely on flash player to use the feature.You may need to allow recording via your webcam if your browser is older and requires flash to use Video Note. )
screenshot of the Video Note interface in BOLT recording a new video note

Note that if you already have a video you would like to upload, you can click on Upload File to upload it as a Video Note.
screenshot of the video note interface in BOLT with the upload option selected

The file limitations are that the file must be an mp4, flv, f4v, or mov file, and 5.00MB or less.

You will also be able to add Video Notes wherever you see the Record Video button in BOLT:
the Record Audio and Record Video buttons in BOLT

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