Thursday, June 16, 2016

BOLT Tips: Taking Quizzes

Tips for Successful Quizzing in BOLT

Reboot your computer if it has been on.
If your computer has been on for awhile, reboot the machine. This can help free up memory and increase performance.
Use a strong, reliable Internet connection.
Make sure you use a reliable Internet connection. If possible, use a wired Internet connection to reduce the possibility of wireless connectivity issues. 
Close other programs and browsers.
Keeping it simple during exams can reduce confusion and make it easier to take the quiz, both for you and the computer.
Save your answers.
BOLT allows you to continually save your answers as you go. If you do this, your progress should not be lost even if you are “kicked out” of the quiz or have difficulty submitting it.
If one browser doesn't work, try another.
If you run into technical difficulties taking a quiz, save your answers, close out of the browser, and finish the quiz in another.
Contact BOLT Support.
Contact BOLT Support immediately if you have any issues while taking an exam on BOLT.

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