Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Congratulations 2016 Grads!

Take our advice to get the most out of your BOLT account.

Once you graduate, your BOLT account will only remain active until the semester you
graduated of the next academic year (if you graduate in December 16, your account will be
deactivated in early Fall 2017). Get what you need out of BOLT before then!

Save and download your work.
If you want to keep a copy of your scholarly work, make sure to download your submissions from BOLT assignments.

Save and download course materials.
If you want to keep course resources, download them from the course.

Export your ePortfolio.
Take your ePortfolio with you after you graduate! If you create an EduDentity account, you will be able to export your ePortfolio. Go to and find the myDesire2Learn Access widget for more information!

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