Wednesday, October 3, 2018

BOLT TIP: Find your feedback in BOLT

BOLT has improved feedback visibility in some tools. Here are some tips to find your feedback.

Check the Grades and Class Progress tools for feedback from all types of activities. The rubrics tool has been improved to allow feedback from instructors to display in these tools. Previously feedback from rubrics did not always display in these tools.

View your submission in Assignments to see instructor feedback. If your instructor left feedback in the Assignments tool, you will be able to see it when you access your submission there. Instructors can also see when you viewed this feedback.

Also in Assignments, click through any Turnitin links in your submission if your instructor uses Turnitin Feedback Studio. If they do, you can access the Feedback Studio and see the markup and comments they left on your submission.

Subscribe to discussion threads to see responses such as from your instructor or classmates. If you subscribe, you will receive notifications when new posts are made to your or other threads.

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