Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Having Quizzes Trouble?

Troubleshoot common problems in quizzes by following the advice in these tips:

1. Give yourself enough time.
Make sure you give yourself enough time to take your quiz. Don’t start an hour long quiz a half hour prior to the closing time on the quiz. Start early enough to give yourself time.

2. Close apps and browsers.
Focus on your quiz and reduce possible issues by closing other applications and browsers or browser tabs. 

3. Use a strong connection.
If you can, use a wired connection. If not, try to be close to your router, or close bandwidth-heavy applications (streaming apps or games).

4. Exit and re-enter the quiz.
If you encounter an issue, exit your quiz and immediately re-enter using another browser. Sometimes this simple trick will resolve your problem.

5. Contact BOLT Support NOW.
Contact us right away so we can give you the timeliest troubleshooting possible. Call us at (570)389-2888.

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