Friday, April 8, 2016

Need BOLT Help?

If you need help in BOLT, give BOLT Support a call at (570)389-2888 or email them at They are on campus 8am to 5pm during the regular semester and 8am to 4pm during the summer session to help you with all things BOLT. After hours assistance is available by calling 1-866-921-0473.

red and gold cupcakes with chocolate toppers spelling out BU BOLT
BOLT Cupcakes for BOLT Support Staff, Student Employee Appreciation Week
BOLT Support is a team of student employees who offer support to students and instructors using BOLT, its integrated tools, and instructional technology used in Bloomsburg University courses. 

The BOLT Support staff are students at Bloomsburg University who work for the IMDC. Our current roster includes Austin, Christina, Joe, Justin, Tyler, and Yazimirra, and we will also be welcoming new members to our team this Spring and Fall.

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