Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Announcing End of Life of the Binder App, Bringing Life to Pulse App in Winter

D2L has announced an end of life date for the Binder app of May 31, 2019. Those who need to access course materials offline will be able to use the Brightspace Pulse app for iOS and Android starting this Winter session at Bloomsburg.

Phase 1 of End of Life for Binder: November 1, 2018 

D2L will no longer keep a copy of a user’s Binder content and annotations in the cloud (it will remain on their device only). The web-based Binder client will no longer be available. Binder will only be able to annotate PDF documents. And the “Send to Binder” button in the Content tool will be removed.

What should Binder users do prior to November 1? 

  • Be sure to update the Binder app with the latest release prior to November 1 to avoid any disruption. Many phones and tablets do this automatically. 
  • If you use the Binder website, be sure to log into the free Binder app for iOS or Android prior to November 1 to sync all changes locally to your device. 

How will users get course materials into Binder? 

You can still add your Brightspace course materials to Binder from within the Binder app.

Can users still annotate in Binder? 

You will be able to annotate PDF documents from Brightspace, as well as PDF documents from other sources (Google Drive, Dropbox), while still being able to view and annotate any existing documents, even offline.

Phase 2 of End of Life for Binder: May 31, 2019 

On May 31, 2019 Binder will no longer be supported by D2L, will no longer work with Brightspace (BOLT), and will be removed from the Apple and Google app stores.

Will users still be able to use Binder after May 31? 

Binder will remain installed on existing devices, but users will not be able to reinstall the application from the app stores, and there will be no further updates. Furthermore, it should be expected that over time parts of Binder will stop working as the Android and iOS operating systems that Binder depend on are updated and changed.

Does D2L have an alternative for accessing course materials offline? 

Yes, the Brightspace Pulse app is freely available on iOS and Android platforms and allows students to view and access course materials offline.

What is Brightspace Pulse? 

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that helps students keep track of important updates. It brings news, deadlines, and grades together in one place so they can spend less time organizing and more time learning.

Students can check upcoming readings, assignments, and tests quickly to make better decisions about how to handle their workload. Notifications keep students up to date with course news and let them know when grades are available. Pulse also allows students to read and reply to class discussions they're subscribed to right within the app.

 Pulse will be available to Bloomsburg University students by this Winter session. We will announce its arrival at that time.

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