Thursday, November 30, 2017

Grades Exemption Expansion

Did your instructor exempt you from graded activities in BOLT?

If an instructor exempted you (in BOLT) from a graded activity they linked in Content, you should now see the exemption in Content.

screenshot of exemptions indicated by text of linked activity in Content

This is an expansion of the Grades Exemptions feature in BOLT. (Please note: If your instructor exempted you from activities, assignments, or grades outside of BOLT, you won't see that in BOLT unless they add the exemption to BOLT for you!)

Read on for other places you should see exemptions when instructors apply grade exemptions in BOLT.

With the new expansion, if you click through the Content item you are exempted from, you will see this information within the content topic. Note that you can still view the content topic if you click the "Show Exempt Topic" link.

screenshot of linked activity content topic with the text You are exempt from this topic. You can view the activity but you are not required to complete it.

You should also be able to see grade exemptions (if your instructor exempted you in BOLT) in these places:

screenshot of the Assignments folders page with the text exempted beside an exempted assignment

Class Progress
screenshot of Grades progress in the Class Progress tool with the Exempt label for the exempted grade item

screenshot of the exempted grade item in the Grades tool

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